Pet Care Plans


£10 monthly

Small Dog

£12 monthly

Medium Dog

£14 monthly

Large Dog

16 monthly
At Flynnvets, we use Pet Care plans to allow clients to budget monthly for the preventative health care of their pets.
Each pet will receive 2 health checks annually, all vaccinations including Kennel Cough (not including rabies) and comprehensive parasite control with the best and most convenient products. Once you have joined this VIP ( very important pet) club there are also other discounts available on services, including grooming and boarding, pet food and medications.

Price List

Consultation £24
1st and 2nd Vaccination Kitten  (inc felv) £23.50 each
1st and 2nd Vaccination Puppy £21 each
Kitten Special Offer £55
Puppy Special Offer £49
Booster Feline £28
Booster Canine £28
Canine Cough £25
Canine Cough with Booster £48
Rabies £30
Rabbit £32
Scale and Polish £95
Extractions £6-£24
Microchips £12.50/ Mini chip £16.50
Feline £38
Canine 0-20kg £75
Canine >20kg £90
Rabbit £62
Feline £45
Canine 0-20kg £125
Canine 20-35kg £145
Canine >35kg £155
Rabbit £75