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The DoGroom @ Flynnvets opened within our Balmoral clinic in May 2013.

The DoGroom offers clients high quality professional grooming services with the added bonus of professional veterinary services on site. The salon is a purpose built facility located at the Flynn Vets Balmoral Clinic.

The DoGroom is based at Flynn Veterinary Centre Balmoral and offers a variety of services and packages to suit all dogs needs.

The DoGroom is run by Amy Grieve and Kerry Crawford, who are both experienced in all facets of dog grooming and husbandry.

The DoGroom was presented with the ‘Best Dog Groomers’ award at the Best of the West Awards ceremony in April 2019.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED


FULL GROOM From £25.00 From £28.00 From £32.00 From £42.00 From £55.00
BATH & BRUSH From £15.00 From £20.00 From £25.00 From £35.00 From £45.00
BATH & DE-SHED From £20.00 From £25.00 From £30.00 From £38.00 From £50.00
NAIL CLIPPING £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00

Grooming Services

Bath, blow dry, brush out, clip, style, nails

This is a complete pamper package for your dog.  It will be bathed, using only the best and most suitable products for its coat, including a conditioning treatment, where appropriate.  Your dog will then be towel and blow dried and brushed out before being clipped and styled and nails trimmed.  This package is finished off with a spritz of one of our doggie colognes…your dog will not only look gorgeous, but will smell great and feel soft and very cuddly!

Bath, blow dry, brush out and tidy up, nails

This treatment is ideal for shorter haired dogs that don’t need clipped, or as a freshen up between grooms.  It includes a bath, using professional products and after drying, your dog will be thoroughly brushed out and tidied up and its nails checked.  Your dog will leave smelling fabulous and looking great.

Bath, blow dry, de-shed and tidy up, nails

This treatment is aimed particularly at double coated breeds with a tendency to cover the house with loose hairs.  After a bath with professional products, your dog will be dried and brushed out to remove as much of the loose undercoat as possible.  Straggly hairs will be tidied up and nails clipped.

Dogs’ nails generally wear down naturally if they regularly walk on hard surfaces, however sometimes they will need a trim to keep them at a comfortable and healthy length for your dog.  The dew claws will also need trimmed to ensure that it doesn’t curl around and grow into the pad.

We will check and trim all nails as part of all our packages, but, if you feel that your dog needs a ‘pawdicure’ between grooms, we can easily check them over and give them a tidy up.

Bath, blow dry, brush out, tidy up, nails

If your new puppy has a coat which will require regular grooming, it is important to introduce the grooming experience as early as possible.  We recommend that your puppy pays a visit to the salon soon after they have had their full vaccinations, for some pampering, fun and lots of cuddles!

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