Pet Care Plans


£From 10 monthly

Small Dog

£From 12 monthly

Medium Dog

£From 14 monthly

Large Dog

£From 16 monthly
At Flynnvets, we use Pet Care Plans to allow clients to budget monthly for the preventative health care of their pets.  We have two different levels of Pet Care Plan available: Complete Care and Free Visits.

Complete Care Plan

Each pet will receive:

  • 2 full health checks annually
  • annual vaccinations (including Kennel Cough (dogs), but not rabies)
  • comprehensive parasite control with the most appropriate products
  • annual urine screen.

Free Visits Plan

 Each pet receives all of the above treatments PLUS:
  • a full annual blood screening test
  • unlimited veterinary consults throughout the year.
We also offer the opportunity to upgrade any Pet Care Plan to include a dental scale and polish so you can spread the cost of this throughout the year too.
Once you have joined our VIP (very important pet) club there are also other discounts available on services, including grooming and boarding, pet food and medications.
Talk to us today to let us help you decide which plan suits your pet best.
**Please Note**  Pet Care Plans are not insurance policies.  They cover only preventative health care for your pet.  We also advise having insurance for your pet to help you to deal with unexpected accidents, injuries and illnesses.
Each Pet Care Plan is a 12 month agreement.  Early cancellation of a plan may result in you owing Flynn Vets for treatment already provided under the terms of the plan.
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Price List

Consultation £28
1st and 2nd Vaccination Kitten  (inc felv) £25.00 each
1st and 2nd Vaccination Puppy £25.00 each
Kitten Special Offer £60
Puppy Special Offer £57
Booster Feline £32
Booster Canine £32
Canine Cough £25
Canine Cough with Booster £48
Rabies £33
Rabbit £32
Scale and Polish From £105
Extractions £15+
Microchips £16
Feline £38
Canine 0-20kg £95-110
Canine >20kg £110-130
Rabbit £62
Feline £45
Canine 0-20kg £125-145
Canine 20-35kg £145-165
Canine >35kg £165-175
Rabbit £75