Munch is a 7 year old cross breed who has been a patient of ours since 2012.

Munch went missing from the family home in Belfast at the start of March 2013. The owners were distraught and never gave up hope of finding him.

They contacted and alerted the authorities, vets and rescue centres in the area and after 2 weeks of searching Munch was found by the dog warden and taken to the pound.

Munch was microchipped which was how he was able to be reunited with his family.

The family were delighted to have him home but unfortunately when Munch was collected they noticed a large wound in the ankle of his hock and Much seemed to be lethargic and not himself.

It was suspected that Munch had been tied up by the back leg to prevent him from escaping from an enclosure or back yard.

Munch was taken to the emergency afterhours clinic immediately, where they were advised that the wound seemed to be a number of days old. They suspected ligament damage as well as to the joint. The wound was cleaned and bandaged and an xray was taken the next day.

Upon examination it was determined that due to the extent of the damage and infection the best option would be to amputate the limb.

Munch had his leg amputated on 26th March.

Thankfully Munch did exceedingly well during the surgery and post operatively and was up and about on his three legs the next morning with no sign of trouble! His tail was wagging and he was able to get straight up and out for walks.

Munch is a brave and very resilient patient and we are delighted to see him do so well. This story highlights the importance of ensuring that your pet is microchipped as it saves lives!