When is it the best time to let your new kitten out doors!

From 12 weeks old your kitten will have had his/her 2nd set of Vaccinations & microchip, it is best to wait 2 weeks after primary vaccine has been given to give them the best possible immunity.

You should accompany your kitten outside on a dry day making sure your garden is secure, have them follow you about and call them by shaking a bell or cat treats to get their attention, this will get them used to the sound so they know they are getting fed. Also have toys, boxes ect for them to play with and improve their skills.
Keep doing this a few hours a day.

The best time to let your kitten outside by them selfs is after 6 months of age, this is the stage were they should be Neutered to avoid any unwanted litters or behaviours.

After the recovery stage of post neuter and advise from your vet, your kitten should have access to a cat flap or similar so he/she can venture out and explore, your kitten will have a sensory map, that they can find their way back home. But make sure they only spend a few hours outside until fully grow adults.

A cat can be perfectly happy indoors or have a secure outdoor inclosure with access to indoors whatever suits your life style.