What is cholangiohepatitis in cats?

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Cholangiohepatitis is a very common condition in cats, and is characterised by inflammation of the bile duct (cholangitis) and the liver (hepatitis). The cat’s liver is one of their most important internal organs, and has many hundreds of different functions; including processing food from the gut; breaking down waste products, drugs and toxins; and [...]

FORLs – What are they and what can be done?

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Cats are usually stoic animals who will hide any signs of dental problems and pain until the condition has become severe. This often means that owners will not be aware that their pet is suffering from painful dental issues because they are seen to be eating and behaving normally. This often results in dental issues [...]

What Is The Best Children’s Pet? A Vet’s View

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Growing up around pets creates wonderful memories, teaches responsibility and care, and helps nurture a love for animals. But pets can be costly and hard work. You, the parent, are responsible for making sure your pet is happy and healthy, not your child. For children, the novelty can wear off, leaving you as the [...]

Senior Pets

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As our dogs and cats get older their body function starts to change, each breed and species age differently than others. Brain Function Dogs and cats brain function changes as they get older, once damage occurs due to ageing their behaviour and alertness change. This is a normal process of ageing, 50% of dogs [...]

Dog – Healthy foods

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If you have been searching the web for information on what healthy treats to give to your dogs, you have come to the right place. Note: Cats are obligate carnivores it is vital they are fed a meat diet as their bodies cannot produce taurine, an essential nutritional requirement found in meat. A high [...]

How do you know your pets nails are too long

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This is a very important part of ownership and responsibility! You can simply check your dogs nails when he walks! Do you hear his nails clicking on the ground? This means they are to long and need further investigation! Clipping your dogs nails may or may not be a simple task for you or [...]

How to transport your small furry to the veterinary practice!

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Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Hamsters ect can get stressed travelling and going to unfamiliar places. It is best to have a secure carrier for their size, making sure they have plenty of privacy. Bring along their favourite food or toy and have a cosy blanket or absorbed padding layer in their carrier avoiding shavings as [...]


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Please be aware we have seen an alarming number of fatal Parvo cases this week. Early symptoms include: Vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy. The risk of your pet catching Parvo is next to none if they are vaccinated. Please ensure your dog’s vaccinations are currently up to date. Parvo virus is vaccinated against within your routine [...]

Guinea pigs have special dietary requirements

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Did you know guinea pigs have a special requirement in their diet? Yes thats right guinea pigs need ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in their diet or they later face major health issues!! Just like us humans our bodies can not make vitamin C which is why it is one of our requirements in our [...]