Dog – Healthy foods

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If you have been searching the web for information on what healthy treats to give to your dogs, you have come to the right place. Note: Cats are obligate carnivores it is vital they are fed a meat diet as their bodies cannot produce taurine, an essential nutritional requirement found in meat. A high [...]

How do you know your pets nails are too long

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This is a very important part of ownership and responsibility! You can simply check your dogs nails when he walks! Do you hear his nails clicking on the ground? This means they are to long and need further investigation! Clipping your dogs nails may or may not be a simple task for you or [...]

How to transport your small furry to the veterinary practice!

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Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Hamsters ect can get stressed travelling and going to unfamiliar places. It is best to have a secure carrier for their size, making sure they have plenty of privacy. Bring along their favourite food or toy and have a cosy blanket or absorbed padding layer in their carrier avoiding shavings as [...]


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Please be aware we have seen an alarming number of fatal Parvo cases this week. Early symptoms include: Vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy. The risk of your pet catching Parvo is next to none if they are vaccinated. Please ensure your dog’s vaccinations are currently up to date. Parvo virus is vaccinated against within your routine [...]

Guinea pigs have special dietary requirements

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Did you know guinea pigs have a special requirement in their diet? Yes thats right guinea pigs need ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in their diet or they later face major health issues!! Just like us humans our bodies can not make vitamin C which is why it is one of our requirements in our [...]

The best way to keep your pets teeth clean is?

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The best way to keep your pets teeth clean is? Daily brushing!! It is important NOT to use Human toothpaste as it contains Fluoride which is poisonous to dogs!! Your dogs food is also an important factor for your pets teeth, Special formulated kibble help break down tarter on your pets teeth!! CHEW TOYS [...]

Does your dogs or cats have fleas? Arrange of free check today

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Contact us for further information  about these worming products Balmoral – 028 90666881 or Commons Brae – 028 90799500.  You can book a Free flea and tick nurse appointment and get further advice on keeping them creepy crawlies away. Parasites on your pets skin can be a bit of an issue when these parasites bite your pet they could in [...]

About your bunnies

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I want to talk to you about rabbits you may have one at home or may be thinking of getting one, rabbits are just like dogs and cats when deciding how, where and what type to go for, it can be tough deciding how to go about purchasing a rabbit either at the pet [...]

Rabbit health know the signs

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What do you look for: Check your rabbits overall condition making sure he is able to move without difficultly. Check eyes They should be clear, bright, free from discharge, no swelling or bulging which can lead to blindness. Check nose they should be clean, free from discharge, crust, sores, cuts, or swelling. Check mouth [...]