Cats are elegant and like to explore the outside world, but there is a problem when they wear a certain type of cat collar, cats can get caught by their collar on branches, wires and enough their own legs.

Yes! The collar that they wear if it is a strap or even an elastic collar, your cat can easily slip his/her leg through the collar and can get his leg trapped this is a problem if no one is at hand to help and release the collar, a very sore injury will occur over a period of time, and will need veterinary treatment and a lot of after care, as your cats collar may have been rapped around their leg for sometime it will have rubbed into their skin when they walk.
Read onto see which is the best collar to use.

The best collar for your cat to wear around his/her neck is a click in collar, this will release when the cat gets caught on a branch or manages to get his/her leg into the collar, to avoid any injuries.

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