Vaccicheck now in stock

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VacciCheck® Antibody Test Kit is a simple and affordable in-clinic titer test designed to monitor serological status and vaccination failure to prevent overvaccination consequences. VacciCheck provides reliable and accurate results in just 21 minutes! We are now the only practice in Belfast to promote and encourage, Vaccicheck. This is a Blood test that will tell [...]

Be Aware of Bonfire Nights and your Pets

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Please be carefully over the next few days with the bonfires, keep your pets safe by keeping them indoors and locking doors when out. Especially pets that are kept outdoors make sure their enclosure is securely locked and keep a check on them when going out and coming back home.

Tiger’s Story

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Tiger is the bravest wee kitty ever, and the sweetest little man. A few weeks ago he was involved in an awful road traffic accident, he had broken his two back legs and they were repaired and he now wears a brace and pins on one of his back legs. He is getting fused over [...]