Aspergillus and aspergillosis in dogs

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What is aspergillosis? Aspergillus is a species of fungus, and aspergillosis refers to when it infects your pet. It rarely causes disease in healthy dogs, however, if the opportunity arises to infect a sick and/or immune-compromised dog, they will seize it – hence why it is referred to as an “opportunistic infection”. Aspergillus is [...]

Do cats grieve?

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When we lose a friend or relative, it is taken as a given that we will grieve, miss them, and then gradually adapt and accept (although never “get over”) the loss. Similar stages have been observed by many owners in dogs. However, cats are still something of an enigma to us - and they [...]

Summer Dangers!

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Who doesn’t love summer? The warm weather and blue skies are enough to lift the spirits and put a spring into your step. Our pets love it too. Cats spend more time than ever basking on the windowsill and dogs love the extra day length - more time for walks! Don’t forget though that [...]

How much exercise should my dog have?

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Is playing fetch with our pups really such a good idea? We are often asked about the best types of exercise for our dogs: on-lead or off-lead; for how long; how far should we go?  It's a minefield, right? Ultimately the right sort and level of exercise is different for every dog and owner. [...]

How to choose the right pet for you and your lifestyle

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Welcoming a new pet into your home can be a very exciting time for you and your family. However, it also involves a great deal of responsibility and commitment, sometimes for over a decade. To find the pet that is truly suited to your lifestyle there are a number of questions that you should ask [...]

Does your dog or cat have a toothache?

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Many assume that a pet with toothache will immediately go on hunger strike and will let us know that something is wrong. However, the truth is that most animals will continue to eat their meals as normal, even with advanced dental disease. The reason for this is simple: In the wild, there was no pet [...]

What Is The Best Children’s Pet? A Vet’s View

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Growing up around pets creates wonderful memories, teaches responsibility and care, and helps nurture a love for animals. But pets can be costly and hard work. You, the parent, are responsible for making sure your pet is happy and healthy, not your child. For children, the novelty can wear off, leaving you as the [...]