Have you recently brought a new companion for your family house, it is a very exciting time many things happening and needing done.

Settling a new puppy or any age of dog takes time, but have you thought about grooming?

There is all the essentials your new dog needs, you may or may not have looked into your dogs breed background but do you know if they require more or less of something like:

Regular bathing, brushing, clipping and all around cleaning care?

Your pet is part of the family and they need to feel happy and part of it.

Check to see if your new dog needs regular trims and how often from your groomer, at our own DoGroom Katrina has valuable information that can help you understand how to look after your dogs coat conditions, regular brushing is key to keep a mat free doggy.

Do you have a dog that loves the bath take a look at the link below these two rascals love the bath:

Two dogs love getting a bath