Adaptil and Feliway help support dogs and cats through challenging situations that they may face during their life..

Some of these challenges include *Fireworks*, puppies/kittens first night away from its mum, training (puppy classes, agility etc), car travel, stays away from the home (kennels/cattery, friends etc) plus many more.

Halloween is apon us and it brings loud scary nosies to our pets during this time, they get very stressed and worried and may try to flee or hide and its not nice for us to see our pets frightened.
Depending if your pet has had this experience before then you know that this maybe be the solution have you tried it? It is very easy to set up it is best to plug the diffuser into the socket at lest 3-4weeks before all the commotion starts.

Give us a call for more advise on this and if this product would be suitable for your dog or cat!

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