Is playing fetch with our pups really such a good idea?

We are often asked about the best types of exercise for our dogs: on-lead or off-lead; for how long; how far should we go?  It’s a minefield, right?

Ultimately the right sort and level of exercise is different for every dog and owner.  We want your dog to be happy, healthy and fit and we hope that you enjoy the time you spend exercising with your dog.

An exercise regime needs to fit in with your work and family commitments.  Exercise should also be appropriate for the environments you have available for exercising in.  It is also very important to think of the long term health implications of the games we play with our furry friends.  With that in mind, one of our vets has found a couple of very useful articles on this very topic and recommends that all dog owners give them a read.  They are very insightful and may well change your mind about heading to the park with the tennis ball thrower!

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Fetch: innocent fun or full on addiction?

What is the logic behind not exercising puppies until the growth plates are closed?

Give them a read and let us know your views…