How much exercise should my dog have?

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Is playing fetch with our pups really such a good idea? We are often asked about the best types of exercise for our dogs: on-lead or off-lead; for how long; how far should we go?  It's a minefield, right? Ultimately the right sort and level of exercise is different for every dog and owner. [...]

Is spaying really so important?

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Spay is the common word for ovariohysterectomy, which is the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries, also referred to as neutering (the gender-neutral term). Many think the only reason for carrying out this procedure is to prevent unwanted babies. While it does do this, it also carries many health benefits. Here we will [...]

Leyla says “Its too warm”?

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Its going to be the warmest week and I can tell you that me wants to jump into a pool! A shade is to cool down and relax after a long sunbathe in the sun. A shallow pool to keep me refreshed, to have a splash and fun. A great idea to calm, cool [...]