Why its important to microchip

Dogs and cats go missing every year and thousands of lost and abandoned animals are taken in by charities and rescue centres across the UK.
Most never make it home because they can’t be identified.

Microchipping is a great way of identifying your pet and able to contact the owner.

Collar tags that are used on our pets can easily break or become unreadable.

Microchipping provides more information and is permanent.

It is a quick procedure similar to vaccination and it lasts for the lifetime of your pet.

There is a full service lost pet recovery network that provides free registration for all brands of microchips in the United Kingdom

Your pet should still wear a suitable collar and tag, and it is by law that your pet should be microchipped and a license is required.

Please contact us if your pet needs microchipped or if your pet is missing we love to help owners find their loved pet. 028 90666881 or 028 90799500

Here are a few Pet Microchip Companies if your pet is missing you can contact them if your pet’s microchip is registered with them: