Rabbits are fibrevores as they need a fibrous diet of good quality hay, grass, high fibre nuggets, fresh green leafy vegetables, and fresh water.

70% of your rabbits meal should be hay and access to grass which is a natural source of fiber to keep their gut healthy, and helps them keep their teeth from over growing.

Rabbits are natural grazers it is important to keep your rabbits hay rack topped up throughout the day, the amount of hay required to feed is the size of his body weight.

Provide enrichment when feeding your bunnies this can be done in many ways homemade or bought:

There are lots of fun interactive feeders and hiders in pet shops, your bunny should be provided with different toys everyday, it is a good idea to rotate toys everyday so it doesn’t become boring for your bunnies.

Homemade items like toilet rolls are great for hiding hay, treats, veg etc but it is important to make sure they are disposed of afterwards if your bunny starts to chew them.  Small cardboard boxes are good for hiding food.

Louie pictured here with what he would get for his daily meal, remember to divided throughout the day, and hide food for them to search them out this is a great enrichment trick.

Here are some safe foods for bunnies:

Dandelions (Fresh from your garden avoid over feeding)



Carrot tops (Not full carrot)
Written by Michelle Darby SVN