How do you know your pets nails are too long

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This is a very important part of ownership and responsibility! You can simply check your dogs nails when he walks! Do you hear his nails clicking on the ground? This means they are to long and need further investigation! Clipping your dogs nails may or may not be a simple task for you or [...]

How to transport your small furry to the veterinary practice!

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Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Hamsters ect can get stressed travelling and going to unfamiliar places. It is best to have a secure carrier for their size, making sure they have plenty of privacy. Bring along their favourite food or toy and have a cosy blanket or absorbed padding layer in their carrier avoiding shavings as [...]

About your bunnies

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I want to talk to you about rabbits you may have one at home or may be thinking of getting one, rabbits are just like dogs and cats when deciding how, where and what type to go for, it can be tough deciding how to go about purchasing a rabbit either at the pet [...]

Rabbit health know the signs

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What do you look for: Check your rabbits overall condition making sure he is able to move without difficultly. Check eyes They should be clear, bright, free from discharge, no swelling or bulging which can lead to blindness. Check nose they should be clean, free from discharge, crust, sores, cuts, or swelling. Check mouth [...]

How To Handle My Bunny

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It is important knowing how to lift your bunnies you should use two hands, one supporting the chest and one supporting the bottom. You can hold the rabbit close to your chest with his head facing yours, with one hand around the shoulders and one hand supporting the bottom. Another way with smaller rabbits [...]

Bunny Housing

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Rabbits can live happily indoors or outdoors, as long as a suitable accommodation is used. A hutch is not enough for your rabbits this is a big issue so make sure you provide plenty of space, security and enrichment. Your Indoor Bunny: Your bunny will want to explore but it is best to restrict [...]

A Rabbits Diet

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Rabbits are fibrevores as they need a fibrous diet of good quality hay, grass, high fibre nuggets, fresh green leafy vegetables, and fresh water. 70% of your rabbits meal should be hay and access to grass which is a natural source of fiber to keep their gut healthy, and helps them keep their teeth from [...]