It is important knowing how to lift your bunnies you should use two hands, one supporting the chest and one supporting the bottom.

You can hold the rabbit close to your chest with his head facing yours, with one hand around the shoulders and one hand supporting the bottom.

Another way with smaller rabbits is to hold them like you are cratling them with one arm under and one arm around.

This  helps prevent the rabbit kicking out backwards.

You should also be close to a table or surface in the event of the bunny struggling you can then easily place him onto the surface to perevent injury or distress.

Your bunny will enjoy the attention  but remember not to over do it your bunny needs his/hers own space, make a routine of it, in the morning when saying hello he knows you will be feed, watering and cleaning him, give him a stroke and sit with him, gently glide him closer to your knee and then you can begin to pick him up, as following instructions above.

You should do this at lest 2-3 times a day depending on how well your bunny likes to be handled.

Bunnies that run away when they know they will be lifted you should sit with them until they come back over to you for a sniff, try Not to quickly reach out and grab him as this will frigthen him even more, it is about patients and time.

Written by Michelle Darby SVN