This is a very important part of ownership and responsibility!

You can simply check your dogs nails when he walks! Do you hear his nails clicking on the ground? This means they are to long and need further investigation!

Clipping your dogs nails may or may not be a simple task for you or your dog! It is important to understand how to clip them, the appropriate tools needed, and how you and your dog feel about this task!

Starting young is important your puppy’s mind is always learning and with a rewarding and pleasent experience at nail clippping is the key!

Many dog owners struggle and it is understandable, it is best to have at least 2 to 3 people at home helping. One to hold and cut, one to calm the dog and reward him, and one more to hold the dog to prevent him jumping suddenly.

What tools do you need?

These are the tools you need always make sure you have a quick stopper which you can purchase when buying nail clippers, the quick stopper will stop your dog’s quick from bleeding if accidentally cut.

Not all dog’s nails are clear like in figure 1, your dog’s nails can be black which it is more challenging but can still be done, all you need to know is to aline your clippers on the nail while resting the clippers on your dogs pad to that toe.

For more guidance it is always best to visit the veterinary practice to be shown how to do this first!

Don’t forget about your dogs dew claw which is at the side paws and also some dogs can have an extra dew claw on their hind legs!

Cats nails are different they grow in layers and then shed them by scratching them on coarse material!


Out door cats sharpen and shed their nails daily on walls, trees ect indoor cats need a scratching post, you may notice their layers of nails laying around this is why they love scratching so much!Cats nails are sharp! It is best to start young to make nail clipping a pleasant experience.

It can be difficult if your cat is not used to this and you should bring her to the veterinary practice to routinely have her nails trimmed if need be.

How to trim your cat’s nails

Small furrys nails need regular checking and clipping it is the same methods as dogs and cats, so it is also good to start off young, and also getting
guidance from your veterinary practice on how to appropriately clip your rabbit’s, guinea pig’s or even hamster’s nails!

Guinea pig’s nails

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