Its going to be the warmest week and I can tell you that me wants to jump into a pool!

A shade is to cool down and relax after a long sunbathe in the sun.

A shallow pool to keep me refreshed, to have a splash and fun.

A great idea to calm, cool and reward is a block of ice with a few treats and toys for them to lick, this keeps me occupied in the sunshine.

Note don’t give your dogs ice cold drinking water or ice cubes.


To do this all you need to do is the following:

Firstly gather equipment needed:
Plastic bowl of your choice not too small.
Few treats or dog food and few toys, making sure to even out your dogs main meal to avoid over feeding.
Fill your bowl with clean fresh water.
Put a few bits of food and toys into bowel not over filling and place into freezer until fully solid.
Once complete pore water into bowl to take away the frost and to help release out of bowl.

Note please remove any broken bits of ice so your dog does choke or swallow in one go.

You can now give to your dog to enjoy, place in a shallow bowl and remember supervision is required, remove after 15-20 minutes to refreeze and use again or save for another day.