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My Pet Doesn’t Have Fleas- Do I Still Need to Give Them Flea Treatment?

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None of us want to give our pets unnecessary medication- it can be a hassle, we don’t like the thought of all the chemicals, and costs can really mount when there’s several pets in the house. However, the majority of pets do benefit from flea treatments, even if they don’t appear to be infested [...]

Does your dogs or cats have fleas? Arrange of free check today

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Contact us for further information  about these worming products Balmoral – 028 90666881 or Commons Brae – 028 90799500.  You can book a Free flea and tick nurse appointment and get further advice on keeping them creepy crawlies away. Parasites on your pets skin can be a bit of an issue when these parasites bite your pet they could in [...]