Is spaying really so important?

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Spay is the common word for ovariohysterectomy, which is the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries, also referred to as neutering (the gender-neutral term). Many think the only reason for carrying out this procedure is to prevent unwanted babies. While it does do this, it also carries many health benefits. Here we will [...]

The best way to keep your pets teeth clean is?

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The best way to keep your pets teeth clean is? Daily brushing!! It is important NOT to use Human toothpaste as it contains Fluoride which is poisonous to dogs!! Your dogs food is also an important factor for your pets teeth, Special formulated kibble help break down tarter on your pets teeth!! CHEW TOYS [...]

Meet the cats at The Cat Loft

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We love looking after your cats at The Cat Loft they will enjoy their stay with us at our Balmoral Veterinary clinic in an upstairs area designed for cats. Check out some of the cats that have stayed with us and Contact us for availability. Check out our page on the cat loft Your cats should [...]