Key information on neutering your cats and dogs

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Did you hear our vet Dan talking to Carolyn Stewart on U105 on Monday 9 September about neutering our pets?  In case you missed it, we have summarised the important points here.  Of course, if you have questions which this post doesn't answer, get in touch and we will be happy to help. Neutering [...]

Does your dog or cat have a toothache?

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Many assume that a pet with toothache will immediately go on hunger strike and will let us know that something is wrong. However, the truth is that most animals will continue to eat their meals as normal, even with advanced dental disease. The reason for this is simple: In the wild, there was no pet [...]

Benny’s story

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Benny is a lovely beagle and has been with us since the start of the week, Benny came to us very unwell, an examination from the vet and Benny was very dull and lethargic, blood tests were done and Benny was very anemic he needed a blood transfusion, and very kindly his owners friend had [...]